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dimanche 15 juin 2008

Package Grisbi-0.5.9-6 for OS2008

It's been a long time without updates here... I've been very busy lately (international relocation, a real time eater) but finaly found some time to update my Grisbi package to run on OS2008.

I wanted to move the repository to at the same time, but it's been a week since my account was created and I still can't access the SVN or SSH my account. So this means I'll keep everything here for some time, until everything is fixed there and I can arrange a smooth transition.

The Application Manager repository parameters for OS2008 :

  • Repository:
  • Distribution: chinook
  • Component: main

Update: Free won't let me upload anything from overseas, so I moved the files to another provider (the Application Manager parameters above have been updated). The files previously available don't move, but the new files will only be available there. This site remains the central source of information until the migration to

samedi 22 septembre 2007

Package Grisbi-0.5.9-5

The repository now contains a new version of this Grisbi package for Maemo. I want to thank Laurent Almeras for providing the fixes, see his changelog below for more details:

  • Change layout of reconciliate dialog to fit in the screen
  • Get rid of the calendar in the scheduler window
  • Get rid of the "next two months" item in the scheduler dialog (too long)
  • Use stock item for buttons in the scheduler dialog (to gain some space)
  • Get rid of some columns in the scheduler window
  • Change labels in the breakdown dialog to fit in the screen

Also, several people reported having problems with the new repository structure. It should be fixed now, but you will have to update the parameters in the Application Manager once again, sorry about that :-( The correct parameters are:

  • Repository:
  • Distribution: mistral
  • Component: main

dimanche 19 août 2007

Package Update

I uploaded a new package (version 0.5.9-4) including some localization fixes and fixing a bug which made it impossible to use operation breakdown. Many thanks to Jean-Marie JEHL for reporting this one.

The repository parameters have been changed because my original file organization is no longer understood by the Application Manager used in the N800. The new parameters are the following:

   * Repository:
   * Distribution: mistral
   * Component: binary

PS: comments are now moderated because of spam. Please use email (antoine AT schweitzer-chaput DOT fr) if you want to reach me.

jeudi 5 octobre 2006

Grisbi on the Nokia 770

Grisbi is a personnal accounting application running under GNU/Linux and Windows, released under the GPL licence.

Having recently purchased a Nokia 770 whose operating system, codenamed Maemo is a Linux derivative, I was eager to find out if I could get my favourite accounting application to run on it. Here (IT2006 package) is the result of my first attempt, based on Grisbi 0.5.9. The following parameters can be used in the Application Installer to ease installation and future updates:

  • Repository:
  • Distribution: binary
  • Component: (leave blank)

Hildonization is partially done in the sense that only part of the UI has been modified to take into account the limited screen real estate, it is however quite usable (in my opinion!) to keep track of your accounts on-the-go. I personaly keep my main .gsb on my desktop computer and copy it by hand on my tablet before going on a trip, and copy it back when I'm back home.


  • Startup is slow, investigation needed :-)
  • Complete UI adaptation, the first three tabs are done, the rest is untouched simply because I did not need them on my last trip...
  • Cleanup code modifications, maybe try to integrate them in the main source tree?

Feedback and improvement requests welcome!

PS: This site has been offline for a few days because of a (still unexplained) problem with the MySQL database handled by Free... My database was completely emptied during the night :-( I re-created this post by hand, but lost the comments. Guess I will run frequent backups from now on...